Sree Narayanapuram Mahavishnu Temple is one of the ancient and famous mahavishnu temple in Kerala. This temple is located at Ezhupunna in Alappuzha district.According to legends,the idol worshiped in Sree Narayanapuram Mahavishnu Temple is approximately 1500 years old. This temple have rounded shape Sreekovil with copper plated nalambalam,Balikkalpura, Chembudhwajam and Anappanthal. The Four handed Lord Mahavishnu's marvelous idol is faced to east,and carries Shangu,Chakra,Gada and Padmam. Other Deities are Ganapathi,Subrahmanya,Siva,Sasta,Bhadrakali,Nagayakshi and sarppam. The Ganapati shrine is situated within the Nalambalam itself at the south-west corner. The Sasta shrine and Siva shrine are outside the Nalambalam on the south-west corner. Bhadrakali shrine is located on the left side and Nagayakshi,Sarppadivangal are located in northeast corner. The main Ultsavam (Annual Festival) of this temple is for 8 days in Makaram from the day on which the Festival Flag is hoisted.The festival ends with Aarattu Mahotsavam. The other festivals held in temple are Ashtamirohini,Navarathri mahotsavam,Thiruvonamuttu,Deepavali,Sivarathri, Vishu,Mandalavritham, Pathamudayam,Vinayakachadurthy,Karkkidakavavu and Saptaham in the moth of Karkkidakam. Prathal and Annadanam are supplying as Prasadam in the above festival days. The important Poojas (Vazhipadu) are Pushpanjali,Thrikkaivenna,Palppayasam,Kadalippazha Nivedyam and Thrumadhuram. The Laksharchana and Deepakkazhcha were also conducted in the Temple in the grand manner which occurs once in twelve years. The last Laksharchana and Deepakkazhcha celebrated in 2012 and the next falls on 2024. Eroor Pulayannoor Mana have the supreme authority of this temple. The Trust is formed in 1979,and from the trust trustees are selecting 9 commette members as Devaswam members for the temple functionalities.